May Our Sleep Praise You

The day closes. I place in your hands the work I have done: what I have done well, and what I have messed up. What is done is done; what is not remains undone. I can do no more this day. I relinquish my work to the night and to you. I pray that I may have done some good this day.

I place in your hands the people I have encountered today.  I relinquish into your hands and to the night: my family, coworkers and friends, strangers, those with whom I have had conflicts, and those whom I may disappointed in some way.  I pray for their well being and peace. I pray that I may have reminded a few of your presence and love this day.

You have set stars and galaxies in their courses. You give birth to each brilliant dawn and cover us with the grace-filled silence of night. We close our eyes and release ourselves and our dreams to your care.

May our sleep praise you. May your Spirit, this night, breathe new life into your world. Amen.

4 thoughts on “May Our Sleep Praise You

  1. Pastor,
    This is indeed a beautiful prayer and I have made a promise to myself to memorize and use it nightly. I don’t know how much room I have here, but another time I will type out the prayer I remember from my Catholic school days, if you would care to read it; it was addressed to the Blessed Mother. For some reason it is burned into my memory.

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