On a Hot July Afternoon

I am so glad that God decided to create watermelons. Very few things are quite as sweet and refreshing on these hot July afternoons. And raspberries, and strawberries, and blueberries. All texture , color, fragrance, and flavor. And I am so grateful to whoever it was that invented ice cream.

As I dip my spoon into this dish of berry-covered ice cream, I thank you.

I thank you for the earth that nourished the seed, and the rain and sun without which the crops could not grow.  I thank you for the beauty and gift of creation. In your wisdom you created things that are not only functional, but are also delightful.

I thank you for the farmers who tended the young plants. I thank you for the field workers who labored on long long days to harvest the fruit. I thank you for the truckers who transported the produce to the markets, and for the shopkeepers and store managers who placed it on the selves. It is because of their labor that I am able to hold this in my hands.

As I raise this spoon to my lips, I thank you Lord for all of this. It is good. Indeed, it is very good. Amen

8 thoughts on “On a Hot July Afternoon

    • And thank you for taking the time to read stuff from this blog. You have already brightened my day. I look forward to continuing to read your poetry. – Bill

  1. Watermelon are my absolute favorite thing in all the world, well next to peaches and green apples and homeade ice cream..just plain Southern staples. I remember the time I spent in North Dakota and I had to buy my first watermelon. The thing cost me 13 dollars and that day I learned just how blessed I was to have grown up where these things were so abundant! What a perfect day you’ve written here!

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