About Me

I am an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church, serving a wonderfully diverse congregation.

  • My Church: St. Paul UMC, Willingboro NJ.
  • BA. English Lit., Rutger’s, the State University, New Brunswick NJ.
  • M Div. New Brunswick Theological Seminary New Brunswick NJ.
  • D Min. Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington DC.

I believe that faith makes us more human, not less; that good questions are more important than weak answers; that faith, compassion, and justice are woven together; and that God desires to throw open the doors to the Kingdom, not keep people out.

I believe that good conversations matters, and that there are far too few opportunities to engage in them. I hope that this blog will become a space for rich conversation around matters of faith. I do not desire and will not try to make anyone think or believe what I do, but I do desire to share my perspectives. I hope you will do the same.

Feel free to browse. Please be sure to share your thoughts and make suggestions. I look forward to the conversation.

I also write a little bit of poetry. If you are interested in reading some check out http://www.beginningpoetry.com.

God’s Peace,

Pastor Bill


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. amen to those who gave up all to follow him.. thank you for coming over to my blog reverend and if may i introduce to you some older postings of mine which might interest you like ” backyard”, “is the colour i see” and “one real man” ? feel free to browse and i appreciate your comments.. have a nice day! 🙂

  2. Your posts are thoughtful without being pedantic, and challenging without being abusive. In today’s “us versus them” environment, that is very refreshing; thank you for posting here!

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